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Sanitary Pad are something that each lady needs and keeping in mind that there were not very many brands accessible in the good old days, the market is loaded with choices of clean napkins to pick from. Different ladies have diverse necessities and it is extremely basic to pick best sanitary pads that will suit your requirements splendidly.

Sanitary Before directly knowing which sanitary pad to choose or which one is the best, I would like to bring to your knowledge that according to a few studies India is one of the countries where the rate of cervical cancer is the highest around 23% of all cancers Asia women suffer. And a direct link has been observed between menstrual hygiene and HPV infections which cause cervical cancer.

Sanitary Pad One should always maintain hygiene during menstruation as it is very essential to keep yourself from infections and choosing the right sanitary pad for this is necessary. These days there are a lot of brands offering different types of pad which you can choose as per your requirement and budget.

We have compiled a list of some of the sanitary pads available in the market to help you choose the right product. Have a safe period. Below we have listed top 10 sanitary pads in Asia, do check out Best Sanitary Pad.

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Ultra Thin









Time Used:


Model Number:


Size available:

280CM / 32CM


Imported from japan



  • ·         1st Layer:  cotton smooth non-woven or mesh top sheet
  • ·         2nd Layer: blue or green core (can accelerate the liquid to proliferate rapidly is   helpful to flicker attracts, prevents the side to leak)
  • ·         3rd Layer: Super absorbent polymer (effectively blocks the water more than ten times, keep dry) and fluff pulp
  • ·         4th Layer: PE breathable leak-proof bottom layer (allow the air to be absorbed in for ventilation)
  • ·         5th Layer: Adhesive glue release paper (specially designed back adhesive which conforms to humem ergonomics)

Best Sanitary Pad