The eco-friendly sanitary napkins are naturally ingredients such as bamboo cotton fiber Making them to biodegradable to use compact level of your cock friendly alternatively compressed and SAP material used in eco-friendly sanitary napkins.

Vehicle friendly sanitary napkins are mainly made with 100 percentage cotton and there is plastic free sanitary napkin manufacturer for women to use their menstrual pads.

The sanitary pads have been designed for observing menstrual flow very high, medium level and low level therefore there is a lot of types of model available in the market.

Most of the sanitary napkin tax has been covered using plastic bag this is not good for ecological father would good.

that whole Malina sentry nothing comes with that aluminum pack which good for environment.

Our Malina napkins totally Designed for woman’s period.

The best is important element of our good sanitary pads Ability to observe higher volume of blood and blood cloud the blood absorption should also be locked into center part of the pads.

Woman’s Blood release is usually heavier at the jump of your period, so it is important to choose a pad that can quickly and effectually absorb your flow.

Hi Ladies, how many of you facing problem with your Sanitary Napkins? Like rashes, itchy, side to leak & etc.

Eco friendly napkins pads 100 % Cotton and Plastic Free Malina Sanitary Napkins pads will solve all your problem during your Periods! The brand from Singapore Malina the Best quality.

The Malina napkins is having High Absorbency up to 80 to 100 millilitres, with soft skin primer surface, no rashes and itchy.

About the Malina Napkin: –

  • 1st Layer: COTTON SMOOTH NON-WOVEN (Eco friendly napkins pads)

  • 2nd Layer: Tissue Paper & Airlaid Paper (Eco friendly napkins pads)
    • (can accelerate the liquid to proliferate rapidly is helpful to flicker attracts, prevents the side to leak)

  • 3rd Layer: Super absorbent polymer (Eco friendly napkins pads)
    • (Effectively blocks the water more than ten times, keep dry) fluff pulp / pure cotton

  • 4th Layer: PE leak-proof bottom layer (Eco friendly napkins pads)
    • (allow the air to be absorbed in for ventilation)

  • 5th Layer: Adhesive glue release paper (Eco friendly napkins pads)
    • (specially designed back adhesive which conforms to humem ergonomics)
  • Cotton super soft surface (Eco friendly napkins pads)
  • Make you more comfortable and health
  • High absorption keeps dry surface
  • Do Embroidery on Cotton Face Make 
  • Quick Diversion
  • PE leak-proof bottom layer (allow the air to be absorbed in for ventilation)
  • embroidery on side edge catch your eyes

sanitary napkin buy online A sanitary napkin, sanitary towel, sanitary pad, menstrual pad, or pad is an absorbent item worn| Reusable menstrual pads can be found on several websites, or are made at home (instructions are available online) In order to meet the need for achieving an inexpensive solution to reduce unsanitary and unhygienic

The main raw materials used today for sanitary pads are mainly made from cotton. With the development of technology, people invent more synthetical materials including rayon (which is often considered as artificial celluloses) non-woven fabric, paper pulp, and a combination of these materials

Your health and well-being are all that materials to us. Our wide range of products are custom-made to give exactly what you always need.

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Buy & Try your Next Periods Cotton & Plastic Free Malina Sanitary Napkins.

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