Sanitary Napkin India

Hi Ladies, how many of you facing problem with your Sanitary Napkins India ? Like rashes, itchy, side to leak & etc.

Sanitary Napkin India

100 % Cotton and Plastic Free Malina Sanitary Napkins pads will solve all your problem during your Periods! The brand from Singapore Malina the Best quality.

The Malina napkins is having High Absorbency up to 80 to 100 millilitres, with soft skin primer surface, no rashes and itchy.

About the Malina Sanitary Napkins India : –


• 2nd Layer: Tissue Paper & Airlaid Paper
o (can accelerate the liquid to proliferate rapidly is helpful to flicker attracts, prevents the side to leak)

• 3rd Layer: Super absorbent polymer
o (Effectively blocks the water more than ten times, keep dry) fluff pulp / pure cotton

• 4th Layer: PE leak-proof bottom layer
o (allow the air to be absorbed in for ventilation)

• 5th Layer: Adhesive glue release paper
o (specially designed back adhesive which conforms to humem ergonomics)

Kindly Buy & Try on your Next Periods Cotton & Plastic Free Malina Sanitary Napkins.
Now Malina products available all the supermarket and online shops in Singapore and India.
Thank you for supporting Malina. Company VSNP PTE LTD.

Action law function of sanitary napkins In India is amazing ,The materials the users that day napkins basically imported from other countries like China Japan Korea, list all what is contains in the sanitary pads, What’s the weather like most of the women’s they’re not getting in 30 days Periods.

The normal scenario every woman supposed to get their period with 28days. Remind women’s hormones have issues medical reasons. Really into check why the message is happening not coming in on time there is a simple reason for Maine they may not have taken their healthy food are they are not sleep well this is the most of the women’s having this problems but what happen is hello eminency markets bring into the product which can be supported for long time perfumed with the chemicals and plastics involved in the sanitary napkins.

humans are using this kind of sanitary napkins chemical under plastic did you get irritation are itchy and irregular periods they may not be able to have a proper intercourse so these are the major issues most of the women’s are facing we have come to know some kind of solution for this problem we identify the problem 80 percentage only for plastics 20 percentage for the chemical so we identify this issue and we decided to design a new model country pad which is supposed to have 100% this cotton which is really helpful for women.

Chemical Free Napkins
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100 % Cotton


The market study says only 12 % percentage of the women’s using a sanitary pad

Since only 12% of menstruating women in India use sanitary
napkins, questions haven’t been raised on hygiene and safety standards and practised by the makers